One of the metrics that can help you to determine how well your senior might be doing, in general, can be her social life and interactions. If your senior isn’t seeing or talking too much of anyone, that might mean she’s having some other problems, too.


She Mentions Friends and Acquaintances

You want your senior to have people in her life, of course, and if she’s interacting with other people, she’s highly likely to mention what’s going on in the lives of her friends and acquaintances. Listen for those types of conversations, because they can tell you a bit about your senior’s social life. It might be important to start distinguishing whether these interactions are happening in person or primarily through other means, like via phone calls.


Other People Are Checking in with Her

It’s also good to know whether other people in your senior’s life are checking in on her. Other family members might be doing this, even if they live far away, and it’s possible neighbors and friends are, too. Again, it’s good to know whether these interactions are happening in person or through phone calls, simply because it helps you to understand whether your senior might be missing in-person connections.


She’s Doing Things She Loves to Do

When your senior talks about what she’s doing in her spare time, is she doing some of the things that she loves to do? Hobbies and other activities that your senior enjoys are an important part of keeping her mentally and psychologically healthy, especially if some of these activities are ones that involve being around other people. Some of her hobbies might even involve helping her to meet new people, which can also be an important part of keeping her socially engaged.


She’s Still on the Go

You might also want to pay attention to whether or not your senior is still venturing away from home at all. Some seniors begin to isolate themselves, sometimes subconsciously, and that means that they encounter far fewer people and become lonelier. It’s important to keep up with whether your senior is driving or whether that has slowed down, too, because there may be other issues at play.

Your senior’s social life can give you valuable information about other aspects of her life. It might be a good idea to hire senior care providers to take care of little tasks around the house, but also as companions. They can help you to determine whether or not your senior might need more interaction than she’s been getting.


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