An IV is a thin tube that’s inserted into a vein into the body. It’s used to provide fluids or medications into the bloodstream. Usually, you get an IV in a medical office, but they can be given at home in certain situations.

 If your mom is in the hospital and wants to go home, her doctor will advise you into the home health care services she needs. IV care is one of the many medical services that allow her to go home and recover in a comfortable bed and setting.

What questions should you ask about IV care? To make sure she gets the best care, use these tips to finding the best home health care nurses. You should also consider elderly care services to help your mom out in non-medical ways.

Questions to Ask

It’s unlikely you know much about how to insert or care for an IV without a nurse’s help. It can also make it hard to know what to ask.

Start by asking your mom’s doctor if there are home health care agencies he/she recommends. The doctors usually have a few recommendations they can share to get you started.

Once you have some options, ask the home health care specialists how they screen their staff. Find out if drug screenings are done randomly or once a year. If they’re done on a specific date each year, it may be easier for staff to pass them than if they’re randomly held. Ask about background checks and training.

Ask if your mom is allowed to meet the nurses and ask questions of her own. Home health care can be stressful at first. She needs time to adjust to someone new being in her home. If she can ask questions or state her concerns over the phone or an online video chat before the nurse comes to her home, it may make it easier for her.

What Can Elderly Care Services Do to Help?

Elderly care helps in many ways, but when your mom is recovering, housekeeping, meal preparation, and transportation are incredibly important. Your mom has support with her IV care and management from professional nurses.

With elderly care, she also has help keeping her house clean, doing the laundry, and changing sheets and towels. She has someone helping her keep up with her nutritional needs. Finally, she’ll always have a safe ride to and from follow-up appointments.

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