If you’re a fan of the television show America’s Got Talent, you’ve probably seen the stunning performances by 71-year-old dancer Quin Bommelje. Her fit body, rapid moves, and flexibility defy what we expect of an elderly woman. She credits dance for her youthful appearance and attitude. Bommelje likely has many people wondering if dance could be the key to better health for themselves and their aging relatives. And, the answer is “Yes!” Dance has numerous physical and mental health benefits. Below are just a few of the reasons your aging relative should put on their dancing shoes.

Increases Cardiovascular and Bone Health

Dancing is a weight-bearing exercise, so it can help to strengthen bones and prevent bone loss. It also involves moving, which increases the heart rate and gets the blood flowing. A study conducted in the UK showed that people who participated in “moderate-intensity” dancing had a lower risk of death from a cardiovascular disease.

May Reduce Risk of Dementia

Researchers from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine discovered that dance could lower the risk of developing dementia. They studied nine different kinds of physical activity and found that dancing was the only one that had a significant impact on dementia risk.

Dance is Therapeutic

Dance has been used as a therapeutic activity since the 1940s. Not only does it improve physical health, it also helps to improve emotional well-being. Dance offers seniors a way to express their emotions even if they aren’t able to do so verbally. Plus, since dance is a fun activity, it can also bring a lot of joy to a person’s life.

Anyone Can Dance

Nearly anyone can dance in some way. Sure, when we think of dance with think of gliding across a dance floor or boogieing to the beat. But, even an older adult who is confined to a wheelchair can dance. Instead of moving their legs, they can move their arms to the music. Moving the arms can strengthen muscles and get the heart pumping. Plus, even dancing in a chair allows the older adult to enjoy the music and have fun.

If your aging relative likes to dance, a senior care provider can help them to find a class or events in their community where they can spend some time dancing. Senior care can even offer transportation to classes and events. Alternatively, a senior care provider can simply turn on some music at the older adult’s home and invite them to get up and dance right in the living room.


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