Marybeth works with one of our clients with special needs. She had ordered him special plates and spoons as she is trying to teach him to feed himself.

She not only LOVES her job and working with Jordan but is 100% committed to him and Superior.

She has Jordan on a routine, he knows when she gets there to walk to the table to get ready for breakfast. She has a special mat she got for him so he knows where to sit. Jordan was finally able to use a spoon for the first time in his life. Jordan is nonverbal so she has and continues to work with him to learn sign language so he has a way to communicate. I am happy to say he has picked up a few signs. She goes to work every day excited to find new ways to make his life better. Her exact words were, ” The family told me when I first started that Jordan has already lived past his life expectancy. So each day I am with Jordan I want it to be the best it can be if it should be his last day I want it to be a happy one!!”

Marybeth’s son was home for 2 days from college this week Monday and Tuesday. When I asked how the visit went she said,” good but not enough time” She stated they stayed up Tuesday almost all night to try to spend as much time together as possible. I asked why she didn’t request time off while he was home, she said as much as she wanted to spend time with her son she also did not want to mess Jordan’s routine up either.

She really is top-notch and a great asset to Superior.

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