This week’s pick for 52 Finest is Gemai Shen.

Gemai is actually one of our most remote caregivers but her commitment to being a stellar caregiver is evident – she never misses attending our in-services or completing her monthly trainings well ahead of time.

But what truly makes Gemai one of our Finest is the impact she has made on her client, who she sees twice a week. This week while making our emergency follow up calls he freely shared with us how much his life has improved since Gemai became his caregiver. He attributes to Gemai having a cleaner and more organized apartment, eating more nutritiously, exercising more and having an overall better attitude and lifestyle. It was wonderful to hear how much of a difference she made in his life, which is what being a good caregiver is all about.

We are grateful to call Gemai one of ours! Congratulations, Gemai!

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