At some point, driving is going to become a thing of the past for your elderly family member. That doesn’t mean that she stays home and never goes anywhere, though. In fact, she still needs to be able to go where she wants, when she wants.


Some of these options might work.

Family and Friends

One advantage of having a large family or plenty of family and friends in the same area with your elderly family member can be that they are able to take her wherever she needs to go. This can be a comforting solution for your senior and for you. But one problem with this option is that sometimes friends and family can be a little more unreliable when your elderly family member has specific appointments and needs.


Mass Transit

Public transportation, usually in the form of a bus, can be a great idea if the mass transit in your senior’s town is robust. If there are plenty of routes and the stops are easily accessible for her, this might be a really fantastic idea, particularly for a senior who wants to be as independent as possible. Many mass transit companies offer discounts for older adults as well as the capability to bring assistive devices like canes or walkers with her.


Senior Transportation Options

There may be some options available specifically to seniors in your area, too. Some mass transit companies offer specific senior options, but you might need to make appointments in advance to use those services. Other organizations that help the elderly may also offer transport via vans or small buses, too. Investigate which options are available in your senior’s area.


Elder Care Providers

One of the best solutions, especially if you can’t do the driving for your aging adult, is to hire elder care providers to do the driving. They’re well-versed in your senior’s needs and can help her to get wherever she’s going safely. The added bonus is that they can go inside with your elderly family member and help her in many ways that she needs assistance. They’re extremely in touch with the challenges your senior faces when she’s away from home.

It can be difficult for your elderly family member to agree to allow someone else to drive. If that’s the point she’s gotten to, though, you need to make sure that she’s got plenty of options from which to choose. That’s going to help her to stay comfortable with getting around safely.


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