Dry eyes are frustrating, especially if your senior has other issues with her vision. Here are some ideas for helping her to manage dry eyes effectively.

Talk to Some Experts

Dry eyes are more of a health issue than you or your senior might realize. Her doctor may be able to shed some light about whether dry eyes could be a result of medication side effects or even if they could be due to other health issues. Visiting your senior’s eye doctor can rule out possible eye health issues, too. There are a wide range of possible solutions and it’s always best to start with health experts before trying anything else.

Protect Her Eyes from Irritants

It’s vital to protect your senior’s eyes from irritants when she’s experiencing dry eyes. The reason for this is that dry eyes are less able to protect themselves by flushing out physical and chemical irritants. Even things like bright light can be too much for your senior’s dry eyes to manage. Consider shielding her eyes with a floppy-brimmed hat or with sunglasses whenever possible and do what you can to reduce her exposure to dust and other possible physical irritants.

Make Sure She’s Hydrating

Hydration is crucial for your senior’s entire body, but especially her eyes. If she’s dehydrated, then her eyes are going to have more difficulty keeping moisture in them, too. Try all sorts of options beyond just plain water to help your senior to stay hydrated. If she’s having a tough time drinking enough water, she can get additional hydration through clear broths, herbal teas, fruits that are full of water, and other water-heavy foods.

Adding Moisture Can Help

You might need to look into adding moisture to the air, too. That is accomplished most easily through a humidifier or even just a pot of water left to simmer on the stove. You can add spices or citrus peels to add a pleasant smell, too. Use a humidity meter to get an idea of how moist the air is in your senior’s home. If the humidity levels are around 35 percent or less, the air may be too dry for her.

If your senior’s eyes are dry and irritated, that’s going to affect a great deal of her life. She may have a more difficult time getting things done and she’s more likely to be just plain uncomfortable. Having a caregiver there to help her can be a great solution.

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