Today’s cars and trucks are equipped with several safety features that make driving safer. If your parents are looking to buy a new car, these safety features are worth a closer look.

Accident Avoidance

Your parents are driving down the road and traffic suddenly stops. With accident avoidance systems, the car alerts the driver and automatically applies brakes to lower the risk of a collision with another car, an object, or a pedestrian.

Active Head Restraints

In a front or rear-end crash, the body rapidly moves back and forth. That can damage the neck. Active head restraints automatically shift forward and back to match the movement of the body to ensure the neck doesn’t snap back and cause whiplash or a serious neck or spine injury.

Backup Cameras

Most cars have this technology as a standard feature now. A camera positioned on the back of the car shows the area around the back and sides of the car. While your parents back up, they can check their blind spots and use the camera to verify that there is no person, animal, or object in the collision zone.

Blind Spot Detection

Your mom and dad should check their blind spots before merging into another lane or while backing up. Just in case they miss something, blind spot detection flashes lights on the side mirrors and beeps when there is someone in your blind spot.

Lane-Departure Warnings

If your parents start to drift into another lane or onto the shoulder, the car issues an alert. In some vehicles, there is technology that gently corrects the steering to get them back into the lane.

Parking Assist

With parking assist, the computer and cameras handle parking. The technology makes sure that the car is parked into a spot without hitting another car, bushes, mailboxes, etc. When leaving the parking space, the system can also help the car get out of the spot without damaging anything.

Is It Time for Them to Stop Driving?

Is it time for your parents to give up their keys? You should assess your parents’ driving habits and skills regularly. Vision can change, and reaction times may slow down. If they cannot drive safely, they can arrange to have caregivers drive them to stores, medical offices, and senior centers.

Giving up a license doesn’t mean your parents have to give up their freedom to go out. Call a senior care agency and talk about transportation services offered by caregivers. Caregivers provide the chance for your parents to go out, but they’re not taking risks that could harm themselves and others.

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