Revision Date:  1.5.2022


Superior Home Services continually monitors the various federal, state and local orders and guidelines related to COVID-19 to adjust and modify our safety protocols as appropriate.   Each time we determine a practice modification is necessary, we will communicate this to our clients and employees.

It is important to note that as essential Health Care Professionals, our standards are not the same as the general public’s.  We monitor and follow PA Department of Health’s Health Alert Network (HAN) notices.  In every instance where we cannot clearly determine the appropriate practice to follow, our policy is to directly contact the Centers for Disease Control and request guidance for our particular personal care service and that is what we follow.  In some cases, we employ stricter practices then the DOH and CDC.

AS OF THIS REVISION, SUPERIOR STAFF WILL CONTINUE THE PRACTICE REQUIRING ALL EMPLOYEES TO WEAR A MASK AT ALL TIMES WHILE HAVING CONTACT WITH A CLIENT AND IN PUBLIC PLACES WHERE EXPOSURE RISK IS HIGH.  Masks must be changed in between clients and regularly cleaned according to antiseptic standards (all employees have been provided these standards). The Agency provides cloth and medical disposable facemasks at no cost to its employees to meet this standard.

All employees are still required to monitor their symptoms each workday day prior to exiting their home for an assigned shift.  If the employee displays any covid-like symptoms, the employee must report to the Agency as defined in Protocol I. below, prior to arriving at their first shift.

During this time of rapid viral spread, we expect our employees and even our clients and their families to exercise prudence and caution in all interactions.  This includes:


  • Carefully consider your personal health circumstances and weigh the risk/benefit of vaccinating.  Superior does not mandate vaccination, but does expect every employee to make a wise decision regarding this important decision.  If an employee elects not to vaccinate, we strongly recommend strict adherence to all of the following safety conditions.


  • Limiting exposure to public places and crowds of people.  This means avoiding activities like parties, group dinners or any community outing where crowds of more than 10 people are congregated.  When you are around unfamiliar people or in the public, wear your facemask.


  • Keep your circle of contacts – people you regularly spend time around – as small as possible and ask the same of those in your circle.  This reduces the potential risk for all.


  • When you are in the public or around any person who is not in your close circle of contacts, wear a mask and stay at least six feet apart to avoid close contact.


  • Monitor your symptoms every day, especially your temperature, and report to Agency any new symptoms you or anyone in your close circle of contacts experience.

Kimberly L. Pirilla-Scalise |Executive Director|