Being unable to sleep when she wants can be really frustrating for your senior. It can also cause her to feel foggy and disconnected during the day. Here are some of the big causes of sleep problems in seniors so you can troubleshoot.

Physical Issues

Changing health issues, pain, and other physical issues can all make sleeping much more difficult for your elderly family member. For the most part, getting those physical issues and symptoms under better control can help to eradicate the sleep issues. But there may be other factors at play, too. Always talk to your senior’s doctor about new physical symptoms and issues so that you can get a handle on them as quickly as possible.

Side Effects

If your aging family member takes medications, side effects from those medications can interfere with her ability to sleep. She may find that medications that she’s taken for a long time are now affecting her differently. Or a new medication or a new dosage changes how she responds to that medication. These side effects can be subtle and yet still have an impact.

Mental and Emotional Issues

Mental health can have a huge influence on your senior’s overall well-being, including her ability to sleep well. Stress, depression, and other mental health challenges may be at play. If your elderly family member has a history of mental health difficulties, they may still be affecting her now but in different ways. Talk to her doctor about what you can do to find a solution.

Moving Too Little During the Day

Getting too little exercise can also cause sleep problems. Even if your elderly family member feels tired, her muscles and the rest of her body have energy built up during the day. Not working those muscles or expending that energy can backfire at the end of a day, even if your elderly family member wants to sleep. Talk to your senior’s doctor about the right amount of movement for your elderly family member and help her to stick with that recommendation.

It helps to try a few different solutions to figure out what might be of help to your senior. Good sleep hygiene can help, but if your senior is having a lot of issues during the night, you can be affected, too. Another solution might be to bring in elder care providers overnight so that you can rest and be ready for the next day.

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