Let’s face it – things are changing. Rapidly. In our homes, our workplaces, our communities and in the world.

One thing will never change, though – we only get through adversity by SHOWING UP and STAYING STRONG! While we can’t ignore the truth – life is difficult in our world right now – we can also recognize there will be good that comes from this. We’ll be stronger. Kinder. More helpful. And responsible. We’ll appreciate every last freedom we enjoy that is now being comprised. And for those of us in the helping profession – the world will know how valuable we truly are in helping people stay home, safe and well.

Our workforce isn’t just part of the frontline – we protect the frontline by keeping as many people as possible safe and well at home.

Every day we each Show Up and Stay Strong for the people we support, is a day to celebrate – for all of us. We’re asking every person who chooses to keep showing up and staying strong – in whatever way you do – to share a selfie of yourself doing just that. If you are a caregiver, share a selfie of you and the one you care for! Let’s show the world what hope looks like!

Tag someone you know who also is a helper…….


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