When dealing with senior care, for any senior that you might be taking care of, you should be cautious of all the safety tips for medications in the elderly. There are often many medications that a senior has to take. Some might be for cancer, others for diabetes, others for pain, and more. There are many seniors who end up going to the ER because of medication complications. You can help to keep them safe by following some tips.

Watch Out for Medication Interactions

One of the first safety tips for medications in the elderly is to watch out for medication interactions. No matter what senior you are taking care of, you should always know what medications they are taking. By knowing which medications they are taking, you can talk to their doctor about any medication interactions. If they are prescribed any new medications, you can check on any interactions with current medications they are taking first.

Keeping Their Medication List Updated

Another safety tip for medications in the elderly is to keep their medication list updated. Any time they are prescribed a new medication or start taking any over-the-counter medications, be sure to add it to their list. You should keep track of their dosage, the name of the medication, and how often they are taking it, as well. Bring this to every doctor’s appointment, so each doctor knows which medications they are taking before they prescribe anything else.

If In Doubt About a Medication, Ask

If you are ever in doubt about any medications that the senior is taking, be sure to ask their doctor about it. You should know about the side effects of all medications they are taking. You should also know about any medication interactions, too. If you have any questions you can ask their doctor or even the pharmacist. They can give you the answers you need.

Don’t Let Them Take Someone Else’s Medications

Nobody should ever take someone else’s medications. Even if the senior feels they need that medication, they should see their doctor and get their own prescription if the doctor feels it is necessary.

Following Medication Directions

Medications should always be taken as they are prescribed. You should make sure you carefully read all the pamphlets that are given with the medication and the prescribing label of the medication. Make sure the senior is taking the medications exactly as they are described on the label. If you can’t be there to make sure they are doing this, you may want to hire a home care provider to help with medication management for you.

These are some of the best safety tips for medications in the elderly. Many times senior citizens are on many medications. It is important to know about all the interactions, side effects, and other information related to each medication. You can do this on your own or you can hire a home care provider to help you with this.

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