You may not have been an official caregiver for your senior just yet, but the coronavirus pandemic may have changed that situation for you and for your senior. Here’s what you can do to support her while you’re learning what you need to do as a caregiver.


Get Familiar with Her Doctor and Her Medications

Up to this point, you might not have had much reason to know a lot about what medications your senior has been taking and what her doctor has had to say. But COVID-19 is a totally new ball of wax and older adults are much more susceptible to it, so you need to get acquainted with your senior’s medical history. It helps to talk with her doctor over the phone, too, in order to formulate a plan of action in case your senior gets sick.

Help Her Take Inventory of What She’s Got on Hand

Lots of people are having a difficult time with self-quarantine because it’s such a different situation than normal everyday life. Help your senior to take stock of what she’s got and of what she might need. This matters a lot because it helps you to see where there are gaps in what your senior doesn’t have on hand. It helps you to take the next step.

Run Some Errands for Her or Have Items Delivered

If possible, you might want to start running some errands for your senior or, if you’re a long-distance caregiver, have those necessary items delivered to her. This is going to help to ensure that your senior has what she needs and that she’s not leaving her home to go get those items. Having a thorough inventory ensures that you’re not missing anything she’s going to need.

Touch Base with Her Often

As the self-quarantine continues, keep touching base with your senior. Part of this is about just reaching out and having a connection. But another part of this is making sure that she has what she needs and that she’s doing alright. Again, if you live far away from each other, this is likely the only way you’ll know if she’s not feeling well or if there’s something that she needs help managing.

After the pandemic slows down, you may find that your senior does still need a little bit of this same type of help. Talk with her about what her needs are and how you can help her most effectively.

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