Heart failure affects approximately 6 million people throughout the United States.
For some, this condition will develop into what is referred to as advanced heart failure. This is the point at which the condition has worsened and traditional therapies are no longer effective. Approximately 10% of those who have been diagnosed with heart failure are living with this more severe form.

Those with advanced heart failure will require more complex treatment and management. As a family caregiver, it is important to recognize when your parent may have progressed into advanced heart failure so you can be sure they are getting the medical care and support that is right for their needs.


The potential for advanced heart failure is one of the reasons why closely monitoring your senior’s condition while they’re living with heart failure is so important.

Changes to how their body is responding to the heart failure can occur extremely quickly, and being able to recognize these changes can help your parent to get on another form of treatment or management that is right for them. Just because your parent has entered into advanced heart failure doesn’t mean they no longer have any options or it is time for them to just give up. Instead, it’s time to change their approach and talk to their medical team about more complex and advanced forms of treatment and management that may help them to better cope with their condition.
If your elderly loved one is living with heart failure and you have noticed that their treatment and management options are not working as well as they did before, don’t hesitate to get in touch with their doctor. Be sure to be able to provide as much information as possible as to why you don’t think that their treatments are working as well, including records of their weight. This will help to give the doctor a full view of what’s going on with your parent so they can make the right decisions regarding how to move forward.


Being a family caregiver doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

Help is available, and some of the most effective and meaningful help can be elder care. An elderly home care services provider can be there for your parent to ensure they have access to continued dedicated care and support that manages their needs while also promoting the highest quality of life. Caring for a senior is about much more than just helping them to deal with health problems. Instead, this care is designed to promote independence, support activity and engagement in the world around them, and help your parent to feel empowered to live their best life all while staying safe and healthy as they age in place.


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