It’s time for your parents to have some help with daily activities of living. They disagree and have come up with many arguments against caregivers. You can’t tell them what to do, but you also need to emphasize your points and try to get them to understand your concerns. Take these common concerns and use the responses to help them see your point.


They’re Fine Without Help

Your parents insist they’re fine. It may help to spend a day with them and take notes when they need your help doing something. If your mom can’t carry the basket of laundry into the basement and needs your help, point it out and say how a caregiver could be doing that for her.

If you notice your dad forgetting his medications, bring that up in a non-accusatory manner and explain that he could have help remembering. If needed, get a family friend who receives senior care services to discuss how much it’s helped with independence and aging at home.


They Don’t Want a Stranger in Their Home

Seniors are often wary of having strangers in their home. Make sure your parents know that they would get to talk to the senior care agency before anyone is hired. They could ask about background checks and drug tests for the caregivers. They might even be able to interview caregivers before they have a caregiver come to their home.


They Have Kids to Help Out

Sometimes, senior citizens figure their kids will help out. They may not realize what other obligations their son or daughter has. You need to explain it in a calm manner.

Hold a family meeting and discuss the care your parents need. Go over your schedules and see who is available to help when. Once you’ve got a schedule, show your parents how there are gaps. Explain that you have children with extracurricular events, work, or your own errands. You need to gently push your parents into realizing as much as you’d like to help, there are times when it’s just not possible.


It Costs Too Much

Seniors do get concerned over money and for good reason. Living on a limited income is hard, so you try to save every penny. If money is the only reason your parents are refusing to talk about senior care services, ask them to talk to a home care specialist.

Once they understand they could hire caregivers for just a few hours a week to save money, they may be agreeable. Call a senior care agency to set up an appointment.


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