The Institute on Aging reports that 91 percent of the elderly have at least one chronic health condition. Common conditions include stroke, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease. When a chronic condition is diagnosed, there’s often a level of care that’s needed at home to manage the condition.


Approximately 6 out of every 10 senior citizens receives care from a family member or friend.
Another 3 out of 10 get that care from a mix of family members or friends and a paid elderly care aide. It’s very likely that your mom is going to need your help at some point as she ages. She may not willingly accept it, but there are things you can do to make the transition easier.


Be There for the First Week or Two

For the first week or two, plan to be around to answer the caregiver’s questions and help your mom transition. If she’s doing okay, you can shorten the time you’re at her house. You may need to intervene if your mom is getting verbally or physically abusive. Don’t expect her to greet her new caregiver with open arms. There’s bound to be some resistance.


Start Small and Increase From There

Limit the caregiver’s hours for the first month. Have the caregiver come once a week to start and let your mom adjust to the change. Increase time slowly during the month and see how your mom reacts. She may not love having a caregiver at first, but as she gets to know that caregiver, her mood will improve. Before long, they’ll be on their way to a lasting friendship.


Reaffirm That She’s in Control

If your mom is worried that a caregiver means she has to give up her independence, make sure she understands that’s not the case. A caregiver is there to help her remain independent. Caregivers are there to offer help with the services she needs. She gains a friend who can take her shopping, join her on walks, or cook meals for her.


Involve Your Mom in the Hiring Process

Your mom may not love the idea of having help. Involve her in the process to help her make the transition. If she’s able to ask questions and meet caregivers, she’ll be less likely to become a hassle when the new caregiver arrives.

Schedule this meeting by making a call. The elderly care agency is happy to answer your mom’s questions and discuss the services that may help her age at home.


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