It’s time to hire caregivers for your mom and dad. They’re struggling with certain activities of daily living. Now that your dad can’t drive, it’s definitely the right time. Before you hire a caregiver, make sure you ask them these three questions.


What Activities Are They Struggling With?

Before you hire caregivers, you need to know what your parents are capable of doing on their own. If your dad can’t drive, he’ll need transportation services. Your mom’s arthritis makes it hard for her to button her clothes, chop items for meals, or pick up a pot from the stove. Cooking services can help.

Look at all the common activities of daily living. Can your parents get in and out of the shower without help or falling down? Can they remember to take medications and schedule appointments? Do they do their laundry regularly or wait till you’re around? Is your parents’ home clean and organized or are you seeing dust, clutter, and stains everywhere?


How Much Can They Spend on Caregivers and Home Care?

Caregivers are paid employees, so there is a fee for their services. Insurance is unlikely to cover the cost of home care. You need to know what your parents’ budget is for home care services. This will help you figure out how many hours of care is possible.

Once you know how many hours of home care services are possible, you can look at schedules. You might be able to help out once a week. Your sister may have an hour or two in the mornings during the week. Blending family caregivers and professionals can provide a comprehensive home care package that doesn’t cost as much and still allows you time to yourself.


What Do They Expect From a Caregiver?

Your parents may not have any idea what life is like when a caregiver is helping out. They can learn by asking friends who receive home care services. They can sit down with a home care agency and discuss what it’s like.

Look for TV shows and movies that highlight seniors in need of care. Driving Miss Daisy, Fried Green Tomatoes, and The Savages are examples. It can help your parent get an idea of the relationships that form and the range of services that are provided.

Get answers to those important questions. Once you have talked to your mom and dad and gotten the answers you need, call a home care agency. You’ll get answers to your other questions like how much does it cost and what caregiver services are available in your area.


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