If your senior’s doctor has already talked to her about how she might able to be a little more active, it might be time to put some help in place. Elder care providers can make a difference in your senior’s ability to stick with the exercise plan that her doctor has recommended.


Routines Are More Difficult Alone

Getting used to new routines, like remembering to exercise at all, can be difficult when your senior is on her own. When she’s got someone else there with her, though, it’s a lot easier to know when it’s time to move to the next item on the list. For your senior, that might mean that instead of forgetting to exercise each morning, elder care providers gently steer her routine so that she does remember.


Help with Tracking Activity

One way to make sure that your senior is getting the most out of her new exercise routine is to track her activity levels and some other variables. With help from elder care providers, that is a lot easier to manage. They can handle logging the information and your senior just has to keep up with what she’s doing. This also gives your senior something to look back on and to realize just how well she’s doing.


Companionship Makes Exercise Easier to Do

It’s much more difficult to exercise when you’re on your own and fighting through whatever the workout is. The same can be true for your senior. Even if her exercise routine is short and relatively easy, it’s a lot more fun and easier to get through it if there’s someone there with her. They can take her mind off the time she’s spent actually moving, which can help her start to enjoy exercise.


Reminders about What’s Fun

It isn’t always easy to remember what is enjoyable about exercising, particularly if it’s never been a habit before. The same can be true for your senior. She might find that having someone there who can remind her about the different activities she’s tried is a real help when she’s trying to add more movement into her day.


Elder care providers can do so much for your senior but one of the most important tasks they can offer is to just be a positive voice right there when she needs it most. Knowing that there’s someone right there who can help if something goes wrong is also a huge help, both for you and for your senior.


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