Does your aging relative have a library card? Do you?
If not, taking a trip to the library to get library cards could make a big difference in the quality of life of both the senior and yourself as their caregiver. There are so many benefits of having a library card and spending time at the library that caregivers who don’t take advantage of them are doing themselves an injustice. Not sure that’s true? Consider these 4 benefits of seniors and caregivers having a library card and you just may change your mind.


#1: Library Cards are Free

Many older adults live on fixed incomes, so they don’t have a lot of extra money to spend on entertainment. Caregivers may also have less money because they have given up hours at work or have stopped working completely to take care of their older family member. The fact that library cards don’t cost a dime but give you access to tons of books, audiobooks, movies, and music means you’re getting a whole lot of entertainment value for free.


#2: You May Be Able to Cancel Your Streaming Service

If you’re spending money on a streaming service, you might be able to cancel it, saving yourself a lot of money. Let’s say your streaming service costs $12 per month. That’s $144 per month. When you have a library card, you gain access to a wide selection of movies and television shows on DVD. If your library doesn’t have what you want to watch, they can usually loan it from another library for you. Some libraries also have online services that let you stream shows for free. What could you spend an extra $144 on?


#3: Reading Keeps the Mind Active

Seniors can benefit from reading because it keeps their minds active, which may prevent cognitive decline. For caregivers, reading can take your mind off of your worries for a time while you get lost in the story.


#4: Something to Bond Over

Caregivers and seniors can bond over the books they read and trips taken to the library together. By enjoying reading and finding books together, you’ll automatically have something to talk about. You can make book recommendations for one another or read the same book and discuss it. Trips to the library can feel a little like shopping as you look through the books and other items available, which can be a fun way to break up your usual routine.


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